HEÖ is designed to make you look stunning! Our products are suitable for all hair types, and they are 100 % developed and manufactured in Finland.

Spectacular looks with HEÖ

We take pride in our story and heritage, but we are equally proud of the products themselves. They are very, very good. Furthermore, they are manufactured responsibly.

I'm interested

A whiff of something new

HEÖ products are known for their enchanting scent. Softly inviting, gently charming. Be advised that people may turn around when you walk by.

For all kinds of (hair)types

Hipster, hot or cool. It really doesn't matter what kind of style you represent or what type of hair you have. There's something for everyone in HEÖ's selections.

Handy size for traveling

The HEÖ selection offers 100 ml handy sizes of heat protection, styling mousse, hairspray strong and dry shampoo. Easy to take with you wherever you go!

It's time to fall in love with your HEÖ

Let's turn a bad hair day into a great day! HEÖ product line offers you a solution for any situation, and you will love your mirror image again.

Touch of luxury – HEÖ gift box

The high-quality, very smooth and magnetically operated HEÖ gift box contains three selected products: heat protection spray, hairspray strong and volume mousse. Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Bye bye shy

It's all about attitude

Some people are born with great hair. The rest of us need some extra boost. So hold your head up high and let HEÖ hold your hair even higher.

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