This page is especially aimed at representatives of the media and partners. 
HEÖ's marketing is responsible for media connections:
+358 (0)50 381 6860


If you need HEÖ logos to use in magazine articles or on your own retail site, please download the correct logo below. HEÖ reserves all rights.

HEÖ logo color specifications 

HEÖ logo coral (for web)
HEÖ logo RGB coral, PNG
HEÖ logo RGB coral, JPG

HEÖ logo white (for web)
HEÖ logo RGB white, PNG

HEÖ logo coral (primary use for print)
HEÖ logo PMS coral, EPS
HEÖ logo PMS coral, PDF 
HEÖ logo PMS coral, TIFF

HEÖ logo coral (secondary use for print)
HEÖ logo CMYK coral, EPS
HEÖ logo CMYK coral, PDF 
HEÖ logo CMYK coral, TIFF