HEÖ is a new hair styling series from Finland that was launched at the I love me Fair in the fall of 2022 at the Helsinki Fair Center. Although the brand is brand new, our company's story began back in 1968.

We take pride in our story and heritage, but we are equally proud of the products themselves. They are good. They are very, very good. Furthermore, they are manufactured responsibly.

Finland has the best air quality in the world, and our nature is clean and pristine. We’d like to keep it that way! That’s why our production is streamlined so that absolutely nothing goes to waste in the process.

Our factory is heated by geothermal energy and we are currently investing in solar power. Our packaging is 100 % recyclable, and almost all the products are 100 % vegan.

HEÖ Showroom
You are invited!

Get to know the complete HEÖ product range in our showroom! Contact us and we will arrange your visit to our headquarters.